Mehdi Yousfi-Monod
Contact: mehdi.yousfi *at* gmail *dot* com

About this website

I developped this website without any specific framework.
For animations and some other eases, I use the excellent javascript library JQuery.
The website works in an optimal way with Internet browsers decently matching norms in effect, like : Firefox, Opera or Safari.
Thanks to several friends who gave me technical and/or aesthetic advices, mainly: Simon Jaillet, Mathieu Lafourcade, John Tranier, Sofiann Yousfi Monod and Lylia Abrouk.
Most icons come from the eye candy Gartoon assortment by Zeus Box.



Le Mas des Violettes, website I developped for the renting of a farmhouse.
Website of the painter Colette Richarme, of which my mother presides over the eponymous association.
Gentoo Linux on an ACER ASPIRE 1694WLMI 1024 (October 2005).


Samra's old blog, my sister.
Sofiann's web site, my brother.
Céline and Pierre's old blog, Pierre my cousin.
Julia and Damien's old blog, Julia my sister having lived 1 year in China.

Other friends

Luc Fabresse.
Didier Schwab.

Free Software and Standards

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